Electric Equipment Manufacture & Installation, Electric Cabling and Installation

We manufacture and install various types of electric equipment: distribution boards, panels, switchgears, transformer kiosks, substations, etc. in accordance with local & international standards. We also install transformers, stabilizers, UPS, generators and other equipment. Our Company provides with a wide range of electrical works: low, medium and high voltage (cabling, grounding, etc. inclusive). Special expertise was obtained performing high level services at rigs, barges, ships, etc.


Metal Fabrication, Welding Activities, Pipe & Tube Fitting (Instrumentation). Modular and Pre-Built Buildings

This division provides a wide range of Welding Activities, Pipe & Tube Fitting (Instrumentation) services both On-Shore & Off-Shore, having a wide experience working at different rigs, barges, ships, etc. Utilizing sandwich panels and composite materials we build pre-built houses, offices, warehouses and other industrial buildings. We also specialize in installation and commissioning of various equipment, as of gantries, buoys, bollards, fenders, etc. and provide with maintenance of these constructions.


Manpower Supply

Vertex Company provides   Oil & Gas, Construction, Engineering and other industries onshore and offshore with  personnel of all disciplines (Electrics, Mechanics, Welders, Instrumentation / Pipe Fitters, HVAC specialists and etc.).


HVAC-R Systems Installation and Maintenance

This division of our Company maintain and install the wide range of AC and Ventilation Systems (starting from Split type up to Precision/Industrial types). We perform these activities both onshore and offshore and our specialists have certifications required.


Construction, Fit-Out and Repair Services

Vertex Company provides a wide range of Construction Services (Fit-out inclusive) both in industrial and civil spheres. In building processes performed by our Company we use not only traditional construction materials (bricks, reinforced concrete structures, etc.), but sandwich panels and composite materials as well. In the civil construction field our company undertakes a broad spectrum of assignments including buildings, warehouses, retaining walls, heavy foundations and has developed a particular expertise in marine works, such as construction of jetties and quays in accordance with local (SNIP, GOST) and international standards (EN, BSİ, APİ, etc.). We also have experience in the field of Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) works for foundations, slabs, beams, columns, etc.


Trading and General Supply

Vertex Company provides a large variety of different materials and equipment largely required in Oil, Gas and Construction spheres. We provide consultation services to our clients to allow them choose the quality product for the reasonable price.


CCTV, ACS, ASC Systems Installation and Fiber-Optic Cabling. Installation of SCS & LAN

We provide full package of services related to CCTV Systems, Access Control Systems (ACS), Phone Lines, Automatic Switching Centres & Fiber-Optic Cabling.

We also install SCS (Structured Cabling System) & LAN (Local Area Network) in offices, industrial and private buildings.

Our services include:

  • Installation and Generation of SCS (Structured Cabling System),
  • Installation of LAN (Local Area Network),
  • Adjustment of networking equipment (servers installation) and software support,
  • Cable Routing Installation,
  • Installation of telecommunications equipment,
  • Etc.

Engineering, Design and Consulting Services

To maximise our construction skills we have the design and drafting facility, applicable to both new or refurbishment projects, providing the client with a complete service from concept to completion. Full consideration is given to use of economic building methods and materials, while architectural flair is injected by the involvement of carefully selected, established professional practices, suited to each individual project.