Rolf Herr

Commercial Director

We hereby confirm that Vertex Ltd. of Baku supported  our electrical department to  complete our comprehensive site Installation and other temporary electrical works in due time, in order to enable all other parties of the project to work on a 24 hours basis.

VERTEX Ltd. assigned from December 2011 until May 2012 specified manpower to the project, which were employed under the direction of ALPINE only. The assigned staff handled its entire works with much competence and knowledge. They fulfilled its daily targets under full care and re­sponsibility.

We have no doubt to recommend VERTEX Ltd. for a similar project and would like to underline, that the availability of VERTEX Ltd. was an important support for our project.

We would like to thank VERTEX ltd. and its employees for the successful satisfying cooperation and we remain with the best wishes for the future success of the company.


Kamran Akbarov

Field Service Manager


This letter is to certify that the Vertex Company provided Wartsila Company with Manpower Supply in 2015. They have proved their Company as a highly professional one in provision with excellent support in the areas of Electrical Works and other general related services.

The experts that they have are, of sure, ones of the best skilled, their insights and performance are particularly useful in times when it is needed to solve problems efficiently and in timely fashion without difficulty. Every company working with Vertex benefits from their experience.

It’s been a pleasure to have a contractor that’s receptive to feedback. The positive attitude of Vertex created a teamwork atmosphere. Additionally, their professional staff had provided with flawless time management that minimized schedule delays.

Wartsila Company with confident recommends Vertex as a reliable supplier and expert in their fields of industry.

This certificate has been issued upon Vertex’s request for whatever purpose it may serve them.


Patrik Larsson

Country Director

Oriflame Azerbaijan would like to thank Vertex Holding for a partnership on various construction works stretching over two years up to date.We are happy to be able to recommend Vertex Holding based on the performance on below mentioned projects.

Vertex has successfully completed the following works for Oriflame:

  • Design/ project work and refurbishment of a new Service Center of 900 sq.m. in Neftchilar, Baku. Vertex Holding performed the construction work (ordinary/plastic/glass partitions/painting), local electrical works and lightening, cable system, access system, air conditioning, local water works, repairs and supplied various special made equipment
  • Various construction works at a warehouse of 1300 sq.m. in Binagadi- Construction Works (Patrition, Paintings/ Roof Isolation), Electrical Works, Access System, Cable System, Installation of Racks and Repairs
  • Crisis management, analysis, measurements, design works, proposals and corrections of a complex inherent electricity issue at the Head Office  of Oriflame Azerbaijan

Construcion in Azerbaijan  is somewhat compex and you need a dedicated partner to assist you at all times. Vertex Holding is a highly valued partner. Vertex Holding is a committed company, who takes full responsibility of the efforts by going that extra mile whenever needed. Vertex Holding is good at listening, and takes action according to the client’s requests with a high level of flexibility. Further, Vertex Holding has large area of knowledge and skills,l which are applied whenever needed. All the internal coordination at Vertex Holding is always impeccably executed. This makes it possible to complete projects complaint to the demand, on time and on budget.




Kai Buchholzer

Map Manager

To whom it may concern:

“Strabag” Company expresses gratitude to “Vertex” Holding for profes­sionalism and quality of works at realization of the projects during con­struction of “JW Marriott Absheron” Hotel, concerning:

  • Manufacture & Installation of Electric Service Panels and Distribu tion Boxes;
  • Different Diameter Electric cabling works;
  • Permanent Construction Electric Maintenance Support;
  • Installation of Internal and External Lightings;
  • Electric goods supply,

Excellent services with wide assortment of production and flexible price policy shows “Vertex” Holding as reliable partner. For all period of coop­eration all activities were carried out in time and completely. In the course of work employees this company showed high level of professionalism and communication skills.

We trust in preservation of business and friendly relations, we hope for the further mutually advantageous cooperation with “Vertex” Holding in 2012.


Murad Hasanov

Senior HSE Specialist

“Cameron Petroleum Equipment Group  Inc.” wanted to take a moment to commend Vertex Holding and its staff on the various  repair works, electric, maintenance, isolation, etc. projects that were completed in an extremely timely and professional manner with very little disruption to our business starting from 2007 up to now.

These projects include, but are not limited with:

  1. Sanitaryware Works;
  2. Panic Doors Manufacture and Installation;
  3. Pumping System Supply, Installation and Maintenance;
  4. Various Electric Works:
    • Grounding System Installation;
    • Cabling and Sockets Installation;
    • Office and Outside Lightening Installation;
    • Lighting Poles Repair;
  1. Metal Structures Manufacture and Installation;
  2. Various Piping and Welding Activities;
  3. General Repair of the Office;
  4. Isolation Works;

Different construction, maintenance and electric activities at our site could be detrimental to daily operations. This was not the case here. The great attention to details by Vertex Crew was nothing less than superior. The crew’s workspace was always clean and organized and protected from other activities, as we were working in intensive mode much of the time. Vertex Crew attention to detail in every aspect was very much appreciated.

Because of the workmanship, reliability, and professionalism of your staff, your company was our first choice for the major isolation and repair activities in 2013.

We would highly recommend Vertex Holding to any entity, in any industry, because of the quality of craftsmanship and professional staff.



Allan Linder-Madsen

Offshore Installation Manager

We confirm that Vertex Ltd. has been working on Maersk Drilling/ Haydar Aliyev Rig between 25/02/2010 and 01/04/2010, during which time they have provided us with good quality service in the areas of Duct Cleaning, Chemical Supply and Repair Activities on our drilling rig.

We confirm that from our perspective Vertex Ltd. is a company in good standing and we recommend them as a solid and reliable contractor.

Your faithfully.


Anvar Bakhshiyev

Lead Project Engineer

On behalf of BP Azerbaijan, I would like to take a moment to express our appreciation to Vertex Company. The Pipelines System Project you recently completed is one you can be proud of.

I generally wish to leave my comments considering the following operations on systems: HSE, Fabrication, Installation, Line-check and Testing.

I am extremely impressed with Vertex’s professionalism, quality and moreover, the commitment displayed to the project as a whole. The Vertex Team is one easy to communicate with, thorough, and performed well over the general requirements of the project on numerous occasions. The project was delivered to completion in time and within the Client’s expectations.

I believe this Company to be a very capable Contractor, and would have absolutely no reservations in recommending them for future work up to, and above this project volume. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions regarding their performance and project mentioned.





Seymur Mahmudov

Deputy HOD, PSCM

I am writing this letter to recommend the services of the Vertex Company to you as it offers high quality services to its clients. BSY-Baku Shipyard Company has always been satisfied by their work. Their involvement on SCV Xankendi H103 Project was to our satisfaction & their services have been successfully delivered.

Our Company had the great fortune of having Vertex’s services on our sites. The works that they had been asked to complete were quite extensive and were required attention to details, including laying and termination of electrical cables, pipe fitting, installation and maintenance of HVAC system, etc. They could easily handle any problems that had come up.

As BSY- Baku Shipyard Company we have worked with a lot of vendors during the long time of being in this industry. Vertex ranks at the top of our list as being the most professional and easy to work with.

Considering all said above, I would like to thank the wonderful team of the Vertex Company which our staff have been an absolute convenience to work with, and would heartily recommend the services of the company and its professional team.


Eric Barnes

Branch Manager

We have started a business relationship with Vertex Holding from 2011. During this time they have been our Contractor in the field of earth works and various repair activities.

What you can expect from Construction Company is a streamlined, honest process built upon open communication and thorough market/industry knowledge that simplifies the construction/repair process. They are a partner to be relied upon from the start of a project, in the concept budget development phase, through punch out, and on through the life of the building.

Their commitment to quality and understanding of the importance of a cohesive design makes them a reliable partner in arriving at solutions to budget constraints, helping to meet the financial, functional and aesthetic goals of a project. In addition we find their pricing to be competitive and their staff to be very professional.

For that reason we recommend them.